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Photography Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress

5th eHealth Security Conference.

30th October

ENISA is organising the 5th eHealth Security conference in cooperation with the Centre for Information Security of Catalonia (CESICAT) on the 30th of October during the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress 2019. The Conference will focus on several main topics:

  • The policy and regulatory context for cybersecurity in eHealth, particularly regarding incident reporting.
  • Good practices for cybersecurity for healthcare organisations with a focus on procurement.
  • Technical aspects of eHealth cybersecurity, such as Hacking the healthcare demos and emerging technologies.

7th Isaca Barcelona Congress.

29th October

The 7th ISACA Barcelona Congress will be held within the framework of the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress. Reserve the date on the agenda!

2nd Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress

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